Room addition/ ADU

We’re helping completely transform your living spaces. Not sure which is best for you, an add-on, or an ADU? Let’s break it down.

We build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU), also known as In-Law Units, from start to finish. Our experienced ADU contractors in San Jose will assist you with everything from blueprints to construction.

ADUs are similar to having an additional home on the same property that can provide extra income or extra living space for your family. They are fully equipped with a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and private entrance. Our Accessory Dwelling Units can be attached to your home, or we can build a stand-alone, depending on what works best for you and on-site restrictions.

Contractors for Room Addition in San Jose
NuHome room additions give you the extra space you need to accommodate a growing family, provide more privacy within the home, or create more living areas without moving to a new home. If done well, it can mean incredible satisfaction for the homeowner and significant value to your home. Our room addition contractors in San Jose can even extend your existing space to improve storage and accessibility.

Regardless of which type of add-on works best for your home, we’re here to work with you from start to finish.