Exterior Remodeling in San Jose, California

Exterior remodeling resolves recurring maintenance costs and elevates the aesthetic of your home.

At NuHome Remodeling, we understand the value of the exterior of your home in San Jose, California. With years of experience, we are equipped to handle exterior remodeling projects of all sizes from small upgrades to full-scale transformations. Our team has the knowledge and skills to deliver outstanding results.

Comprehensive Exterior Remodeling Services in San Jose

For homeowners looking to transform the exteriors of their homes, NuHome remodeling is your go-to partner in San Jose and surrounding areas with comprehensive services, attention to detail, and years of experience.

Siding Installation & Replacement: Whether you want to upgrade the exterior with durable and visually appealing siding or create a fresh new look with a professional painting job, we’ll provide customized remodeling to meet your vision and preferences.

Window & Door Replacement: Improve the security and efficiency of your home by replacing windows and doors. We will assist you in choosing the right products and seamless installation.

Roofing Services: Our roofing services ensure your home is well protected from all elements. Whether you are planning to repair the roof or a complete replacement, our professionals will take care of everything.

Exterior Painting: Our experts will assist you choose the perfect color and finish to complete the exteriors of your home and give it a fresh new look.

Deck & Patio Construction: Create an inviting and relaxing outdoor space with our deck and patio construction services. Choose from a range of materials and design options.

Landscaping & hardscaping: Create a harmonious and attractive outdoor space with our landscaping and hardscaping work. From installing pathways to garden designs, we enhance the beauty of your outdoor area.

Why Choose Us for Exterior Remodeling in San Jose, CA

We understand that the remodeling needs of every home are unique. That’s why we pay attention to detail and ensure tailor-made solutions for your unique needs.

When it comes to exterior remodeling weather conditions play a crucial role with top-quality materials, we ensure the exteriors of your home stand the test of time.

With NuHome, you’re guaranteed to get top-notch exterior remodeling services in San Jose, CA that meet your budget and preferences.

Let’s create a dream exterior of your home in San Jose. Discuss your vision and performance with our experts today!

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